Training Overview

CCW Woman was started in March of 2018 to fulfill a need for women to gain access to a friendly, non-threatening environment with practical and safe firearms instruction led by women.

Women Specific Training
Women learn differently than men. As ladies we know if we walk into a gun shop or range we will have plenty of men offering up training, tips or advise. Some may mean well and some not. They are likely experienced shooters or very qualified trainers but they are men and what they typically don’t know is how to train a woman the way a woman will understand and be receptive to. They will train you the way they learned but we are females; we are different. We communicate differently, we learn differently, we stand different because our center of gravity is different, we shoot differently, we even hear differently.

There are so many things that are specific to women when it comes to firearms training it only makes sense to have someone train you who truly understands these differences. Yes, you guessed it, A WOMAN!

Concealed Carry Weapons Certificate Course (CCW Course)
Get your concealed carry certificate required to obtain your Concealed Carry Weapons License. This 1 day class includes 3 hours of classroom education followed by shooting and qualifying at a range.

Range appropriate clothing with closed toed shoes
Baseball cap (CCW Woman Baseball cap available for purchase in the classroom)
1 Box Ammunition (Available for purchase in the classroom)
Eye and Ear Protection (Available for purchase in the classroom)
Range Fee Approximately $20.00

Instructor Opportunities
Are you a CCW Woman? Do you love empowering women and building lasting friendships? Do you love to shoot and get excited about teaching your friends how to shoot? If you answered yes, it’s time for you to consider becoming a CCW Woman Firearms Instructor!

The firearms industry has traditionally been male dominated, yet studies show a 33% increase in firearms sales to women in recent years. Women firearms instructors are “unicorns” consisting of less than 1% of all firearms instructors. If you are interested in joining CCW Woman anywhere in the US (subject to your state laws) as a female firearms instructor click here. (takes to a page to fill out contact information and experience level)

885 SE 6th Avenue
Suite B
Delray Beach, Florida 33483